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Unis Video is a free Android application which allows you to search for TV-show streams and watch them on your device, any time, any where. Some features are:

  • Download function for offline watching
  • Add your favourite TV-shows to the favourites-list
  • Summary and general information of each episode
  • Multiple sources for streams
  • Some HD-streams available
  • Live TV-channel streams
  • Integrated subtitle support which automatically downloads subtitles and lets you choose the correct version/language.
  • ...


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Player information

At the moment, Unis Video uses an external video player (preferably MX Player) for watching the TV-shows. MX Player is recommended because of it's excellent subtitle through intent support. We will continue to add video players, and in time, we'll make an internal player. But at the moment, MX Player is the best option. You can use some other video players (who will have to support streaming) but they won't be able to display the subtitles. There is no reason though, why you shouldn't download the free version of MX Player. Yes, it is ad-supported, but no ads are shown during playback. Just consider it.

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Translation will be included in the next update (v5.0)

Previous translations

  • Arabic translation by Yousef Debaz
  • Dutch/Flemish translation by Bram De Backer
  • Finnish translation by Janne Siivonen
  • French translation by Surfinette
  • German translation by comstyle
  • Hungarian translation by DupleX01@XDA
  • Italian translation by Lorenzo Cascio Palmieri
  • Japanese translation by René Andersson
  • Polish translation by zmpmich
  • Portuguese translation by Alfonso
  • Spanish/Castillian translation by Hernan Hernandez
  • Swedish translation by René Andersson
  • Turkish translation by Emin Hacıoğlu